Artist: David Leshare Watson
Title: Live at Lo Spuntino

David Leshare Watson – Vocals
Robert Stewart – Tenor Saxophone
Charlie Parker – Piano
James Jeffley – Bass
Babatunde Lea – Drums

There are nights in a musicians life where there is magic in every note that is played, the night of this live recording is one of them. The crowd was three quarters full at Lo Spuntino (the name has since been changed to Cucina Viansa) and on edge, the moon was full giving off a feeling of excitement. The chemistry in the make-up of the band was perfect in every way, no one was overpowering, they where there to play music and the magic happened.

The band: Robert Stewart on saxophone, Charles Parker on piano, James Jeffley on bass and Babatunde Lea on drums, my very good friend Mahanaim Satya was doing the sound, and the elements of a once-in-a-lifetime great session were thrown into a large pot and it started to cook from the very first note. The opening tune which is a blues that I use to get the crowd and the musicians loose was right in the pocket, I could hardly stand still for it swung so hard, as if we were saying to that musical library out there “Hey whoever’s out there – open the library door and we will handle whatever you send”.

– David Leshare Watson