Artist: David Leshare Watson
Title: Let’s Swing Christmas


David Leshare Watson – Vocals (Drums on #5 and #8)
Art Hirahara – Piano
Naim Satya – Bass
Daryl Green- Drums

What makes “Let’s Swing Christmas” different from other Christmas CD’s? Well, it has the old, sacred, traditional songs of this holy holiday, along with modern hits and a few new songs written by the multi-talented artist David Leshare Watson. On this CD, Watson not only sings and swings he has also written three of the songs: “His Happy Feeling” a childrens song for which Watson also wrote the lyric; “An Angel Touched My Christmas” and, New Child New Christmas Lullaby” featuring Watson on drums. The musicians on this CD came together swinging and using their skills to color the songs in a new light. Art Hirahara’s piano playing is electrifying and brilliant.Naim Satya holds the songs together with some great bass playing. Daryl Green keeps the time, as he swings and puts the accents where they belonged. This CD is a “Music In The Vines” production and we hope you enjoy it and make it a yearly part of your Christmas traditions.