Artist: David Leshare Watson
Title: Big Town

David Leshare Watson – Vocals
Michael LeDonne – B3 Organ and Piano
Bob Cranshaw – Electric and Acoustic Bass
Mickey Roker – Drums

When I knew it was time to do this CD, I had become spiritualy ready. I guess they call that shedding. I had to feel ready for the music that I was about to experience. Also knowing that I had to live with the end results in my presentation to you, the listener.

I mentioned to Mickey Roker about 9 or 10 years ago while doing a gig with the late great Shirley Scott, that we should record. The band I had in mind then was Shirley Scott on piano & organ, Bob Cranshaw on bass and Mickey on drums. As you know, God called Shirley Scott home and in his divine wisdom sent to this CD Michael LeDonne on piano and organ.

The music for “Big Town” was written by Joe Locke for Mickey Roker. “Big Town” is the nickname that cats call Mickey as a short to his given name “Granville”. In the song “Big Town” Mickey’s name is not mentioned, but those that he played with and inspired him are. The lyrics for “Big Town” and two other songs were written at the very last minute. I actually went into the studio with a whole different song list.

The cover of “Big Town” is a collage of New York’s great clubs. The back cover is of “Big Town – New York”, Bob, Michael and I with Mickey the other “Big Town”. This CD is dedicated to both Big Town’s.

I hope this music sings in your head as it does mine, and that you see it as a keeper in your collection.


David Leshare Watson

Sample of song #1