The Real Cool Book




14 Transcribed Octet Charts of West Coast, ‘Cool Jazz’ Classics!

EIGHT SEPARATE BOOKS, in one big binder, for each of the following players, transposed to their keys: Piano — Bass — Drums — Trombone — Trumpet — Alto Sax — Tenor Sax — Baritone Sax
DOWNLOADABLE HORN PARTS in other keys, so that the charts can be played by groups with different instrumentation. See Downloads button to the right.
COMPLETE SCORES for band directors also available for download sometime in December 2012
LISTEN FOR FREE! – Audio versions of at least a portion of each song are at the bottom of this page.
AUDIENCE-FRIENDLY! – Even people unfamiliar with jazz get caught up in the happy, positive feeling of these swinging, ‘cool jazz’ arrangements.
DON’T HAVE AN OCTET? – Start one! Perfect for professional-level, college, or good high school groups.
468 pages total – $88 (The most fun you can have for $11 apiece!)


  • BERNIE’S TUNE – Super-Sax type arrangement of a classic Chet Baker/Gerry Mulligan recording
  • BOPLICITY – transcribed from the classic Miles Davis recording Birth of the Cool
  • DANCE FOR DADDY – a wonderful Marty Paich arrangement, as recorded by the Dave Pell Octet
  • ELLINGTONESQUE – a gorgeous tribute to Duke, from the pen of Lennie Niehaus
  • JAVA JUNCTION – the quintessential cool jazz chart, as recorded by the Dave Pell Octet
  • MIKE’S PEAK – a swinging Shorty Rogers classic, as played by the Dave Pell Octet
  • ROCKER – transcribed from the classic Miles Davis recording Birth of the Cool
  • WALKIN’ SHOES – one of Gerry Mulligan’s most famous tunes, arranged for octet
  • WESTWOOD WALK – another happy, swinging Gerry Mulligan original
  • YOU’RE MY EVERYTHING – Marty Paich’s ebullient arrangement of the Harry Warren standard