Susan Sutton Trio – Beyond




Artist: Susan Sutton Trio
Title: Beyond

Susan Sutton – Piano
Lloyd Wick – Drums
Naim Satya – Bass

Jazz pianist and vocalist Susan Sutton and her Trio have been captivating West Coast audiences for years, offering an exciting blend of original upbeat Latin-inspired jazz compositions and favorite standards from soft romantic to festive and highly spirited. The seventh and latest release, “BEYOND” is produced by Sutton Sound and available on CD.

Sutton is joined by Lloyd Wick, whose progressive Latin influence is evident in his crisp, neat, magical on-the-dot drum work. He has been an integral part of the Trio for the past sixteen years. The most recent addition to the group is the talented, intuitive, and lyrical acoustic bass of Naim


1. Beyond
2. Charade
3. Nuevo ConciĆ³n
4. Autumn in New York
5. November with Mother Hubbard
6. If Only I Knew
7. Victoria G.
8. Mamba Baby
9. Honeybee
10. Positively Orange
11. Close Your Eyes