Mahanaim Satya – Jazz Philosophy




Artist: Mahanaim Satya
Title: Jazz Philosophy

Mahanaim Satya – Piano
Fred Randolph – Bass
Jaimeo Brown – Drums
Lindsay Ferguson – Percussion
Kent Cohea – Saxophone
Cynthia Lewis – Vocals

Jazz Philosophy started with an idea to write a few songs abot my step-kids and wife. After giving a concert to premier “The Granucci Suite”, I took the band into the studio to record the music. It’s been a few years now and the music is as wonderful as it was in the begining. The jazz philosophy is still the same “Live Music is Best.”

— Mahanaim Satya


1. Oohs (Blues for Gela)
2. One for John
3. Meredith Ann
4. You’re So Tall
5. Brother Greg
6. Victoria G.
7. Blue and Green
8. All of You
9. Night and Day
10. My Funny Valentine
11. Crystal Silence
12. Be Bop Quick

Sample of song #12