Jazz Philosophy – The Power of Philosophy




Artist: Jazz Philosophy
Title: The Power of Philosophy

Naim – Keyboards and Midi programs on all tracks, Bass on all tracks except 6 & 7
Devin Hoff – Bass on tracks 6 & 7 Sean Nelson – Drums on tracks 6 & 7
Chess Smith – Drums on tracks 1 & 8
Cynthia Lewis – Vocals
Lindsay Furgeson – Percussion
David Haskel – Lead Guitar on tracks 6 & 7
Biambu Garret – Rhythm Guitar on tracks 1 & 8
Bob Roth – Tenor Sax on tracks 1,5,7 & 8
Cash Farrar – Saxophone on tracks 2 & 4

Reggae is an influence that is hard to avoid. Its a music of expression that covers many styles. This is what inspired the idea for this CD — to take a favorite music and play it the way we feel it. Jazz Philosophy covers a lot of musical ground. This is our offering to Bob Marley and his music. On this CD you will find some of his most popular songs, as well as a couple of songs no one seems to notice. We feel that it’s time to take a good look at the jazz feeling in Bob Marley’s music, particularly the emotion based in the spiritual beliefs of an oppressed people that need to be heard, understood and accepted; “…..until that day, The dream of lasting peace, world citizenship and the rule of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, but never attained…”

You will also find the tender side of his music here. We took the reggae idea and applied it to jazz standards, it seems to work.



1. Get Up Stand Up
2. One Drop
3. Is This Love
4. No Woman No Cry
5. Sun is Shining
6. I Only Have Eyes For You
7. Natural Mystic
8. War * (This is not a Bob Marley song.)

Sample of song #6