Frankye Kelly – My Life, More Than It Is




Artist: Frankye Kelly
Title: My Life, More Than It Is

Dee Spencer Mike Bacile Ranzel “Randy” Merritt Charles MacNeal Yancie Taylor
Bernard “Pretty” Purdie Tammy Hall Alvon Johnson Kalil Shaheed Raul Ramirez
David Duenas Naim Satya Biambu Garret

There comes a time in one’s life when all innocence is lost and replaced by true wisdom. That time came for me with this project. I have always followed my dreams no matter how unreal they seemed to others. My dreams have always become my realities. Through my dreams I began to realize what the people around me meant to me, both family and friends. Not everyone who purports to be is a friend. Friends are precious and few and the few I have are very precious. It is also said “One can’t choose one’s family only one’s friends”. My brothers and sisters are precious to me and if I had to choose each of them Lynda (LJTW), Sylena (Beautiful), Kenny (who told me to sing jazz), Ellaine (Shug), Charles (The Bass Man), Anderson (a.k.a. Msemagi), Joseph (The baseball Man), and Leslie (My sweet baby brother) all were chosen well. My Granddaughters, Nichole and Kree are what give me joy and I couldn’t love my wonderful son Edison and my beautiful daughter-in-law, Lisa more for bringing them into my life. And for my daughter Resie, life isn’t as hard as it may seem and one day all the answers will appear before you. You will always be my “baby”. My mother who has gone to a higher plane, I miss you sooooo much and my stepmother Rosemary who has been so wonderful and supportive,


Fathers are wonderful people and I have been blessed with a beautiful one. Though we have agreed and sometimes disagreed about my life and some of the choices I make, he has always taken the time to tell me how much he loves me and how proud he is of me, his first born child. He told me to always believe in myself and follow my dreams. He set a great example against all odds to become a professor, a politician and mentor. He is a living example that nothing is impossible, and I thank you eternally “Pops” for being you and I can’t say enough,



1. Sugar
2. Midnight
3. Candy
4. The Blues
5. Angel of Mercy
6. (the blues reprise)
7. Magic in the Air
8. In Search of My Heart
9. Take Me Away
10. I Love Him
11. Who’s In, Who’s Out
12. The Blues Instrumental Jam

Sample of song #3