Don Reitan Quintet – Ms-Sippi Cookin’ Vol.I




Artist: Don Reitan Quintet
Title: Ms-Sippi Cookin’ Vol.I

Don Reitan – Piano
Mike Serpas – Trumpet
Jay Cave – Bass
Rick Bell – Tenor Saxophone
Lee Charlton – Drums
Featuring Jackie Henderson – Vocals

This CD is in some ways a landmark. It is a culmination of sorts of fifteen years of modern jazz on the Gulf Coast. The charts and ensemble work are relentlessly funky, showing the influence of the Jazz Messengers and Horace Silver’s groups. Reitan writes ever-energetic lines and Serpas is outstanding. If Bix had lived to play modern jazz, on a good day he would have sounded like this.

*from Jazz in New Orleans: The Post-War Years through 1970
by Charles Suhor, Jazz Historian
Scarecrow Press (forthcoming)

In 1961 Bubba Spencer, owner of the jazz club `Chez Joey where Reitan and his band were playing regularly, made a request to Cosimois Studio in New Orleans to send a remote engineer to the `Chez Joey to make a live recording. The intended album was never made, but the master has been in the hands of Lee Charlton for the past 38 years. It has been a dream of Charlton to release these tapes to the public. “And now, it is my great pleasure to invite everyone to share in the vitality of that time and place, and to recognize, once again, that as with all great music, jazz is timeless” says Charlton. Don Reitan, along with so many great players, is unfortunately no longer with us. This CD is dedicated to him and many of the great players from the Gulf Coast jazz scene, John Propst, Carol Cunningham, Benny Clements, Joe “Cheeks” Mandry, Kenny Ward, Rusty Mayne, Bill Patey. Bob Teeters and Sam Spivey.



1. The Boss
2. Sand Crab Blues
3. Minority Report
4. Poinciana
5. All American
6. Somebody Loves Me
7. Sister Sadie
8. Shoo Fly Pie & Apple Pan Dowdy
9. Out & Out
10. More Than You Know
11. Lover
12. Together Lost