Bryce Rohde – Windows of Arques




Artist: Bryce Rohde
Title: Windows of Arques
Players: Bryce Rohde, Bruce Cale, Lee Charlton

All compositions by Bryce Rohde

This CD celebrates a reunion of the original members of the Bryce Rohde Trio at the 2003 Wangaratta Jazz Festival in Victoria, Australia. After thirty years, Bryce and Lee (residing in California) crossed the Pacific to join Bruce (of Tasmania) in Wangaratta, to exult, once again, in performing Rohde’s compositions together.

Wild and edgy, to soft and spacious—this recording takes the listener on deligtful jazz adventures large and small. The title tune was the theme song for Jazztrack, Australia’s premiere jazz radio station, for 28 years, the entire length of Jim McLeod’s leadership.

Many fans will agree with one reviewer, that this reunion inspired the trio to perform:

“. . . an alluring set that served as a showcase for Rohde’s lyrical and light-filled compositions. The ballad Heuter Lane was especially moving, its tender beauty underscored by an exceptionally subtle use of space and phrasing.”

Jessica Nicholas, The Sydney Morning Herald


1. Introduction
2. Warmer
3. Christmas Child
4. How Many Thunders Do You Need?
5. Lydia
6. Tassajara
7. Heuter Lane
8. Millstream
9. Woolloomooloo
10. Windows of Arques