Bryce Rohde – Turn Right a New South Wale




Artist: Bryce Rohde
Title: Turn Right a New South Wale

Bryce Rohde – Piano
Bruce Cale – Bass
Lee Charlton – Drums

The seed of this recording was planted in 1961, when, as a member of the esteemed Australian Jazz Quintet, I toured Australia and New Zealand with the Kingston Trio. Between Performances, the trio’s bass player, David (Buck) Wheat, sang intriguing scales while he played chords on a guitar. These scales, I soon learned, were derived from George Russel’s “Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization for Improvisation.” David kindly handed me two copies of it saying, “Pass one on to someone you care about.”

1. Let’s Hurry Off
(to some other place)
2. Turn Right at New South Wales
3. Soft Sounds: Taste of Wine
4. Dumbrille Was No Greek
5. Heuter Lane
6. Stop the Bus
7. Blue Mountain
8. Short Way Home
9. People Running
10. Christmas Child
11. Let’s Hurry Off (reprise)