Bryce Rohde Trio – Woolloomooloo




Artist: Bryce Rohde Trio
Title: Woolloomooloo


Bryce Rohde – Piano, Tennis Balls, Mallets, 7 inch Reel Boxes
Tom Beeson – Bass
Kelly Bryan – Bass
Lee Charlton – Drums, Tympani, Gong, Saw

How it happend… In 1967, I had been back in the U.S. for two years when my trio began rehearsing charts to record at the beloved Arques shipyard studio, Pacific High Recording. Experimental music having been my interest for some time, I wanted for this recording to meld traditional instruments with any other instruments that might be at hand.

When Ron Dewar appeared on his way home to Illinois, we quickly organized a couple of sessions with the intention of familiarizing Ron with the intros, themes, interludes and codas, so we could all go for a ‘lucky dip’ in which each of us could feel free to use any of them at any time. This approach allowed us to simply listen and respond –in a disciplined freedom– stretching it as far as our collective jazz experience took us.
— Bryce Rohde


1. Whatever Happened to Yesterday
2. Woolloomooloo
3. Sunday Row
4. Stop the Bus
5. Song of the Nirrittiba
6. Heuter Lane (mouthpiece)
7. Heuter Lane (bass clarinet)